Milford: Go to Wales and Work (Hard) on Your Writing

MilfordThe Milford SF Writers’ Conference is holding two sessions this year, one a few days after WorldCon in London and the other at the usual time in September. Both will be held in Wales in the Snowdonia National Park — i.e., in beautiful country far from the distractions of daily life.

Milford is a peer workshop — no teachers, just other writers. To apply, you need at least one professional publication. They are taking up to 15 people for each session. And while it’s a British organization, they are always glad to have people from other countries. Both very established writers and those just getting their foot in the door go to Milford.

Those who attend are asked to provide up to 15,000 words of work — one or two pieces — preferably via email in advance to all participants. Crit sessions are held in the afternoons.

The first week-long session will be held August 23-30 and the second on September 13-20. The cost is £605. That’s the cost of the place where the workshop is held — Trigonos — less £10 for Milford overhead. That is: all you’re paying for is the place to stay and a pittance for admin. The crits are free!

BVC members Julianne Lee and Nancy Jane Moore have attended Milford and recommend it highly.

Julianne says:

While in Wales I got to see a meteor shower one night as the moon rose over the nearby mountains. I learned to appreciate afternoon tea. I could hear a burbling stream from my room…. As for the workshop itself, it was a singular opportunity to have my modern British characters critiqued, and I was thrilled to learn they came across as authentic.

Nancy Jane says:

Milford was the workshop that taught me the most important rule of critiquing: Your job is to help the author write the story the author wants to write. It also taught me the second most important rule: You don’t have to be rude or nasty to tell someone their story isn’t working.

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