BVC Announces The Catch Trap

The Catch TrapFlying is supposed to look like one of those flight dreams, so simple that people can’t believe they can’t do it themselves…Just pure, simple, perfect. So everybody watching will want to cry, because they know somewhere inside, in their guts, that they had wings and could fly once but they just forgot how.

Tommy Zane hates lions, a major obstacle in a family of lion tamers. But Tommy’s dreams–and talent–fly higher, up in the rigging with the trapeze. When rising star Mario Santelli offers him flying lessons, it looks like the start of wonderful new life, and to Tommy’s surprise, his relationship with Mario deepens even as his skill soars in the rigging.

But life in the 1940s forces them to keep their love a secret, and the stress pushes both Tommy and Mario to a precipice. And as Mario flies higher and higher, Tommy begins to wonder if it will always be his role to catch Mario as he falls.

A tremendously moving tale, a rich family saga, a wise and compassionate portrait of a special love in a cruel world.

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