Writing Retreat, Part 2: Two Views of My Novel

Last Friday I wrote about my recent writing retreat on Cape Cod. I have a few more thoughts that I’d like to share. Today’s is mostly visual.

Every day I was there, I took a beach walk. I found this rock on the first day of my retreat, a sea-scoured nugget of quartz. It seemed to me a perfect metaphor for my first draft: a gem (or crystal, anyway) in the rough, all of its facets and inner beauty temporarily concealed. I probably won’t polish the crystal, but I will polish the novel. In fact, when I took this picture, I had already made progress on a couple of thorny problems in the way my novel begins. A tiny facet or two of the inner crystal revealed!


So, here are two different views of my work in progress:


And while I ponder the book, here’s my trusty Ranger, the Starrigger Landshark, scanning the sea for signs of its marine brethren:

Landshark looks out to sea_Barnstable_20140320_012_med

(Adapted from Jeffrey A. Carver’s blog, Pushing a Snake Up a Hill.)


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