#Watched100times: Lost loved movies

 roly poly fish heads

roly poly fish heads

This more properly should be called “I would have watched it 100 times.” I saw each of these movies once, and fell so madly in love that I have never forgotten them.

Sometimes I think I step into these wormholes where only I and half a dozen other crazies get to see a film…and then it vanishes forever.

 Mike Jittlov's brainchild also comes in a full-length feature

Mike Jittlov’s brainchild also comes in a full-length feature

Pourquoi Pas! or Why Not? I don’t even remember where I saw it. It’s just adorable. Two young men and a young woman live together in a menage a trois in a big old house in France. The young man whose role is house-husband suffers a crisis of sorts and runs away. When he returns, he brings a young woman he calls his fiancee—who doesn’t know anything about her betrothed’s relationship with his housemates. I saw it once back in the seventies, and judging by its profile on IMDB only seven other people in the world saw it…but we all loved it. It seems to have utterly vanished. Dammit! I would own it and watch it many times if I could.

 female apples in the basket--the male apples jump after them

female apples in the basket–the male apples jump after them

How about Apple War (Appelkriget)? Surely this is one of the greatest fantasy films of all time. It has a magical sequence that begins with a young woman (Monica Zetterlund) spitting on her shoe and throwing it out the window, and ends with a room full of cabinet ministers getting inadvertently drunk in a sauna and then failing to pass a bill that will destroy the young woman’s home valley. It’s Swedish-made. I saw it in Boston in the late 1970s—Noreascon II, possibly—and never saw it anywhere ever again. But today, I find it on YouTube, uploaded in seven segments. Hurrah! Oh, if only it were available on DVD!

 the three foolish brothers

the three foolish brothers

(Just took a break to watch it again after thirty-five years…snf!…it’s as good as ever!)

Other gems I recall from that Noreascon film room were Fish Heads, a short called The Wizard of Speed and Time, and a wonderful music video of Petulia Clark’s “Downtown”—possibly the first music video ever.

 can kill you with a wink of her eye

Monica Zetterlund, better known as a singer, can kill you with a wink of her eye

Fish Heads is available on YouTube, surely the greatest invention ever for one’s yearning for past greatness. Watching this again, I think They Might Be Giants may have been smoking something, then watched Fish Heads, and been pleasurably scarred for life. The Wizard of Speed and Time can also be found on YouTube.

…But Pourquoi Pas and the photomontage video of “Downtown” seem lost forever.

What about you? Are there any wonderful movies you’ve loved and lost?



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  1. If I’m thinking of the right video for Downtown, it too is a Mike Jittlov creation, and I think it’s part of his Animato collection. (I didn’t find it in a quick trawl of youtube, but that may be because I don’t remember its actual name.)

  2. There are two movies I’d like to see again but doesn’t seem to be on vhs, dvd, youtube or dailymotion (have not tried illegal bit torrent sites): (1) Hand in Hand, a British children’s movie about the friendship between a Catholic boy and a Jewish girl, which I saw once on tv when I was a little kid and have never seen again. I’ve always been afraid I’ll see it again and it won’t hold up, but OTOH, I saw Bar Mitzvah Boy around the same time I saw Hand in Hand, and PBS showed Bar Mitzvah Boy several years ago and it held up quite well; and (2) Judge Dee and the Haunted Monastery, a really good tv movie adaptation of the Robert van Gulik novel, with the guy who played Wo Fat playing Judge Dee. I used to have a vhs tape recording I made of it when it was on, but it got lost several moves ago.

  3. Mike Jittlov clearly had a great deal of fun making that short. It’s hard to imagine how much time that took–stop action takes forever. Did you know that there is also a full length movie, Jen? No clue if it’s any good–noticed it on YouTube.

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