Book View Café to Merge With BehemothCo

Top New York publisher BehemothCo and Book View Cafe have announced today that they are merging.  Recognizing the business success of the spunky author-run publishing co-op, which just last month added an Oregon Book Award winner, a Nebula nominee, and an accomplished cat herder to its laurels, BehemothCo has announced that it will now sell all books DRM-free, increase its ebook royalties to authors to 75% after setup costs are realized, and will require all newly acquired authors to learn to tat lace, crochet anemones, or knit squids.

When asked about the rumors of a hostile takeover bid by Engulf + Devour, the CEO of BehemothCo chambered a round in his shotgun and said: “No comment.”




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