BVC Announces Mystic Rider by Patricia Rice

Mystic Rider by Patricia RiceMystic Rider
A Mystic Isle novel

by Patricia Rice

The disappearance of the sacred chalice has brought disastrous weather and volcanic eruptions to the island of Aelynn. Ian Olympus, Aelynn’s powerful leader, must venture outside the only home he’s known to find the cup and save his people.

Chantal Deveau has used her gift of music to write impassioned anthems for the Revolution and lullabies for her niece. But as the mobs grow more violent, the sensual timbre of a handsome stranger in a monk’s robes calls more seductively than her music.
It’s as if she’s never heard music–or known raw sexuality–before…

Ian’s visions have revealed that his intended mate is linked to him through the missing chalice. But even his gift for reading the stars could not predict his shattering attraction to a woman not of his world. Now Ian must choose between desire and duty–


TOP PICK 4 1/2 stars “The second novel of the Mystic Isles series is pure Rice. With her whimsical and very subtle touches of humor along with memorable characters, she cleverly blends the paranormal with the historical events of the French Revolution in this passionate and very sensual romance. Her powerful voice and talent as a great storyteller makes her books keepers.” –Joan Hammond, RT Reviews

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