Keep Laughing and Carry On

CARRYONSCARRYONSCARRYONSCARRYONSCARRYONSIn the category of wacky things Book View Cafe authors do when they’re not writing, my husband Jeff (that is, Chef Jeff Vader, All-powerful God of Biscuits) has posted a new video of one of our parodies on Youtube.

Here is the link, for those of you who need a chuckle to lighten your day.

The musical victim is Carry On My Wayward Son, by Kansas; the video footage is from that delightful old comedy Airplane (which is itself a parody of a “serious” film). 


You can do the math. The song, by the way, is on our Aliens Ate My Homework Album.




Keep Laughing and Carry On — 2 Comments

  1. Chef Vader has too much time on his hands. Like when he did the Iron Chef song.