Great Covers: It’s Complicated

cover-itscomplicatedThis series will appear at random as I find covers that make me say, “Wow!”

Here’s another great cover.  Not quite as wonderful as Loving Frank, but it does its job in the same way.

What do you think this book is about?  The title doesn’t help much.  It’s Complicated could mean almost anything.  The cover, however, fills in the gaps.

Would you be surprised if I told you this is a romance that involves a doctor? Didn’t think you would.

One of the great things about this cover is that it’s uncluttered.  The symbols (two, not counting the font styles) convey the genre immediately. The open space allows the eye to rest.

Judging by the editorial review at Amazon, this is an indie-published title.  Congratulations to the designer (Ms. Kent, or whoever she hired) for creating a great cover!




Great Covers: It’s Complicated — 10 Comments

  1. The lollipop of course says romance, but the other very subtle feature is the angle of the earpiece of the stethoscope. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar — and sometimes it’s not.

  2. The shocking thing is that Brenda didn’t comment on the second bit of phallic imagery. Imagine the lollipop oriented stem pointing upward. You’ll get it. Then see how on the cover, the stem has been inserted into a pocket. So to speak.