BVC announces White Mare’s Daughter by Judith Tarr

White Mare's Daughter by Judith TarrWhite Mare’s Daughter
The Epona Sequence, Book 1

by Judith Tarr

$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-356-0

In a time before history, in a land of legend, where wild horsemen wage endless war across a sea of grass, the last descendant of the White Mare’s servants follows a sacred vision beyond the edge of the world. There she finds a land ruled by women, whose people have no word for war. But the horsemen are coming. The White Mare’s daughter must try to stop them, and both save and change the world.


“This well-written novel about loyalty, passion, and the search for understanding between different kinds of people showcases Tarr’s ability to create fascinating, passionate characters and to bring their unique cultures to life. Highly recommended.” — Library Journal

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