Little strangers, part 2: the wrath of kittens

Great Godfrey, it’s been a month or more since I posted about cats! The foundations of the interwebs are tottering!

My little strangers are now approaching the age when, sadly, they must go to the vet and be denied forever the right to be parents. On the up side, they will not stink up my house with forms of self-expression that make “cat lady” a bad word to the postal carrier. Also, no six-fingered new kittens. Since T is half her brother’s size, I will feel virtuous about this, eventually. When their incisions heal.

One thing I’m a little worried about is their interaction with their favorite toys, i.e., each other. They attack each other, wrestle madly, bite each other all over, and chase all over the house like miniature feuding rhinosceri with spiderman feet. I’ve noticed that burly Buddy doesn’t use his claws on teeny TT, although she feels free to use hers on him. Sometimes he just lies on her, using his weight to settle her down.

But will he pull his punches enough when he has recovered from his relatively simple snip’n’stitch, and she is still feeling poorly after major abdominal surgery? Maybe they do it laparoscopically for kittens. Gosh, I hope so. Some things are best not contemplated. I may have to separate them for a few days, which will mean listening to them clawing holes in my doors to get to each other.

In honor then of what may be their last couple of weeks of full-out kitty mayhem, here is a sequence from their latest candid photo session.

xmasbattle25-round two xmasbattle24  xmasbattle3 xmasbattle4 xmasbattle8 xmasbattle10 xmasbattle11 xmasbattle15 xmasbattle16 xmasbattle19 xmasbattle20 xmasbattle21 xmasbattle22xmasbattle1



Little strangers, part 2: the wrath of kittens — 6 Comments

  1. When my little girl got done 5 years ago, she just had a little incision from the side, and it didn’t slow her down at all after the first day!

  2. All the best to your two little beautiful little darlings. None of our female kittens have ever taken an interest in the aftercare guidance from the vet. Don’t let her jump on and off the furniture it says. So she jumps on and off the furniture. Keep her on a light diet, it advises. So she shovels down the chicken and rice you’ve lovingly provided and starts in whatever to your other cat is having, with or without their permission. Don’t let your other pets disturb or upset her. . .ha! Off she goes to find someone to disturb and upset. Cats are all different or course, but with ours, once the effects of the anaesthetic had worn off, nothing held them back.

  3. I went to an animal birth control clinic–specialist vets who only do spay/neuter–and my girls were just fine after they got over the anesthesia. The boy never noticed anything was gone. Vet used internal, absorbable stitches and superglue. Didn’t even need Cones of Shame.

    My Puppeh will be making his own donation later this month. He’ll need a Cone, the instructions say. Woooooe. But I expect he’ll recover quickly, as well.

  4. So cute!

    Different daddies, perhaps? At a guess, is Buddy super beta, and lets her pound on him until he’s had enough and then he just sits on her to calm her down? A friend’s cat is like that.

    Watch for any allergic reaction to the stitches or glue. Otherwise, I bet they will do very well with the procedures. They might need a night apart–it will be a slumber party for you and Rich. Consciousness all night…

  5. Well, they’re recovered. Sheesh. Soon will be posting pix of them playing with their new favorite toy, the string-on-a-fishing-pole.