Enchanted: A Very Short Review

By Brenda W. Clough

enchantedSo it came out in 2007 — I was busy then.  Only this month did I get a chance to see Enchanted, the Disney movie starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden.

What a delightful movie! I see that other reviews have tagged it as the perfect movie for intelligent 11-year-old girls. True — but if you want a merry deconstruction of fairy tale and Disney tropes, this is the movie for you. Only Disney could make fun of itself in this way — anybody else would have their pants sued off.

And on view here is the power and glory of the casting director. Surely no other actress could play Princess Giselle like Amy Adams, without irony, completely sweet. And she can sing! Why Idina Menzel doesn’t sing is a mystery, but again here is the power of casting at play. She got her foot in the Disney door with this one, and recently in Frozen she did get to show off the pipes.

It is said of movies like this that they’re chick flicks — targeted to girls. (And certainly the two male leads are easy on the eye!) However, I saw this film because my son insisted that his parents do so. He is 25 years old, in the Army Reserve, and appears on book covers. How did this become one of his favorite films? It must be that a witty story, a great cast, and Disney meta is very attractive indeed.

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