Leah Cutter has a short story in Hex in the City

Hex in the City

The latest issue of the Fiction River anthology series, Hex in the City includes the short story “Fox and Hound” by BVC’s Leah Cutter.

This issue includes fourteen stories by a diverse group of authors including Kristine Katherine Rusch, Jay Lake, Dean Wesley Smith, and Seanan McGuire.

Cutter’s story is set in modern day Beijing, following the adventures of Gou, a peddle cab owner. In her words:

“I wrote, and threw out, three other beginnings to this story. The process felt as though I was circling in, getting closer and closer, until I finally had Gou in the train station with his fare beside him. That theme continues throughout the story as well, circling and circling, as Gou tries to corner his prey.”


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