Author Interview: Jill Zeller

ZellerJill Zeller

Interviewed by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Jill Zeller was determined to become a writer ever since her fifth grade play was a flop (let’s just say that no one was yelling “Author, author!”) Millions of words later, she’s still writing both novels and short stories in a myriad of worlds and genres. Her first release from Book View Cafe, the zombie tale Bijou, is creepy in a way that only a woman writing medical thrillers and horror could dream up.

Firmly planted in Seattle, Washington with her three favorite people (her husband, cat, and dog) and a huge garden, Jill is an RN by day and a traveler of the borderlands by night. An award winner for The Alzheimer’s Book Club in 2009, Jill has lived a lot of places and done a lot of things (and even been a lot of people–pseudonyms!) If you stick around, all of it will eventually show up in a story.

1) Have you decided yet what writing means to you?

A.) Let’s just say that whe