BVC Announces the As You Wish series by Mindy Klasky

Act One, Wish One by Mindy Klasky Wishing in the Wings by Mindy Klasky Wish Upon A Star by Mindy Klasky The As You Wish Series Omnibus, Vol 1-3, by Mindy Klasky

The As You Wish Series
by Mindy Klasky

The As You Wish Series shows what can go wrong when a magic lamp, a wish-granting genie, and backstage life in the theater all collide.

Act One, Wish One introduces Kira Franklin, a stage manager whose wish is to find true love while working on a production of Romeo and Juliet. Wishing in the Wings shifts to  Becca Morris who gets the lamp—and the opportunity to make a difference with a brilliant new play (and its playwright!). Wish Upon a Star brings the lamp to Erin Hollister, an actress who struggles to land the musical theater role—and the man—of her dreams.

(Act One, Wish One was previously released as How Not to Make a Wish. Wishing in the Wings was previously released as When Good Wishes Go Bad. Wish Upon a Star was previously released as To Wish or Not to Wish.)


“With broadly comic characters, even pacing, and a charming romance, this cozy evening’s read will leave readers smiling.” —Publishers Weekly

“A lot of books have been written about being a single girl in the big city, but none like this. Klasky provides fun and entertainment while offering a thought-provoking view of relationships. A thinking woman’s romance, this one should not be missed!” —RT Book Review

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