BVC Announces Dun Lady’s Jess, by Doranna Durgin

Dun Lady’s Jess The Changespell Saga Vol. I by Doranna Durgin When hikers Dayna and Eric find a naked and terrified young woman, they’re sure she’s the victim of foul play. But the truth is much more shocking: she isn’t … Continue reading


BVC Announces Barrenlands, by Doranna Durgin

Barrenlands The Changespell Saga: A Prequel by Doranna Durgin Before there was Dun Lady’s Jess… Magic, betrayal, and a twice-cursed exile–only one man’s determination can untangle the deadly intrigue that binds them together. … Continue reading


BVC Announces A Hinky Taste of You by Jennifer Stevenson

Hel is an energy vampire. Nick is a federal anti-magic cop…magic turns him on, to his shame. Hel adores Nick’s yummy energy. If Nick learns she’s a vampire, he’ll send Hel to Hinky Guantanamo. But can they keep their hands off each other?

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