Author Interview: Doranna Durgin

In childhood Doranna Durgin was a writerly sort of tomboy. When people suggested she put down her book or notebook and go outside and play, she did indeed go outside—and climbed a tree to quietly continue her reading or writing. Her odyssey into professional writing has produced over 40 novels, in genres such as mystery, SF/F, action-romance, paranormal, and franchise worlds such as Star Trek and Angel. Durgin has also written more than a few essays and short stories.

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BVC Announces Changespell Legacy by Doranna Durgin

Changespell Legacy The Changespell Saga Vol. III by Doranna Durgin Dun Lady’s Jess–all horse, all woman, all heart…and the only one left who can save her disintegrating world from magic gone awry. … Continue reading


BVC Announces Changespell, by Doranna Durgin

Changespell The Changespell Saga Vol. II by Doranna Durgin Dun Lady’s Jess–once a horse, now learning the ways of the human heart: love, betrayal, and deadly revenge. Jess, once a horse called Dun Lady’s Jess, is still struggling to integrate her … Continue reading