BVC Announces Miles to Go by Laura Anne Gilman

Miles to Go - A Sylvan Invesstigations Novella by Laura Anne GilmanMiles to Go
A Sylvan Investigations Novella
by Laura Anne Gilman

The person you pass on the street…may not be human.

They are known as the fatae, the various non-human species that make up the Cosa Nostradamus, the magic-using community. And they could be your neighbors, your teachers, your fellow commuters. Your local PI.

Meet Danny Hendrickson: Human mother, faun father, 100% attitude.

For the most part, Danny’s made his own way, straddling the line between human and supernatural in his job the way he does in his life

It’s an ordinary — for Danny — job, when he’s approached by a young woman who has information he needs to solve a missing person’s case. All she wants to do is help. But the cost of that information will change Danny’s life…forever.


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