Craigslist: The Unexpurgated Truth

robotVacuumCleanerYou want the truth? Can you handle it?

Truth is, Craigslist is great. Contrary to popular opinion it is not a den of pedophiles, thieves, and draft dodgers.

Not to belittle anyone’s tragic experience, but I’m wondering if the horror stories aren’t a bit exaggerated. Haven’t these muggers and rapists been with us all along? Soliciting in whatever nefarious way they can? Is all this really Craig’s fault?

All I can say is my Craigslist experience has been wonderful. I’ve listed 53 items, mostly in the $25 to $100 range, and so far I’ve made over $1000. The only crime I’ve witnessed is the ridiculously low price on my stuff. (set of 3 wicker laundry baskets $2, analog photo enlarger $50, etc.). Murder on my porch? Nah. Nobody has so much as leered at me let alone exhibited threatening behavior. I have nothing but good things to say about Craig and his list.

Am I so naïve that I believe predation and prostitution simply don’t occur on Craigslist? No. In fact, one of my ads resulted in multiple offers for “dates” from beautiful Russian women. One offer even came with provocative pictures. What was it that got me so much attention? My “manual sprayers.” You know those backpack units you use with Roundup to kill poison ivy.  I guess the image of someone decked out in full hazmat gear and sweating like a pig gets them Eastern bloc girls all creamy or something.

At any rate this ad just keeps on giving. I sold the dang things two months ago. I immediately took the ad down, but I’m still getting offers from people who want to meet me.

Other than that, though, this whole Craigslist experience has been on the up and up. I got rid of a farmload of used junk in a relatively painless way. There’s one item left: the irobot rumba vacuum cleaner. $25. In good condition. Works like a charm. Let me know if you’re interested. And no, I don’t think we should get together for a date. On the other hand, the rumba does get a lot of suction.

Sue  Lange




Craigslist: The Unexpurgated Truth — 2 Comments

  1. And think how much better it is to find a (profitable) home for your stuff, rather than just hauling it to the landfill. I have had good luck with Freecycle, which is simply a system for giving away stuff. Combined with either Ebay or Craigslist, I’ve been able to de-clutter my life considerably. The idea is that somebody, somewhere, wants very nearly everything that you don’t.