Doggerel for a Cat

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No Time to Spare
Thinking About What Matters

by Ursula K. Le Guin
Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler

December 5, 2017
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Pretty Pard Posing with Posies

Pretty Pard Posing with Posies


Doggerel for a Cat

Ursula K. Le Guin

His paws are white, his ears are black.
When he isn’t around I feel the lack.

His purr is loud, his fur is soft.
He always carries his tail aloft.

His gait is easy, his gaze intense.
He wears a tuxedo to all events.

His toes are prickly, his nose is pink.
I like to watch him sit and think.

His breed is Alley, his name is Pard.
Life without him would be hard.



Doggerel for a Cat — 4 Comments

  1. Have you spoken this to him? He might like it. Twelve years ago, I made up a rhyme entitled “Little Brown Tabby Chant” for Simon, who is now a large brown tabby. Whenever he hears it recited, he purrs madly (in marked contrast to his usual grudging rasp) and looks smug for some time afterward.

  2. I tend to make up little silly, loving ditties that I sing to my cat, and she also purrs when I do it — even if I’m not petting her at the time. It’s like she knows they are about her and how sweet she is.

  3. You are my favorite author in this world. I loved The Dispossessed and The Left Hand. If I could have created 2 works of art like those, I would feel fulfilled, blessed. Thank you for your work and being someone to aspire to.