BVC Announces Barrenlands, by Doranna Durgin

Barrenlands by Doranna DurginBarrenlands

The Changespell Saga: A Prequel

by Doranna Durgin

Before there was Dun Lady’s Jess

Magic, betrayal, and a twice-cursed exile–only one man’s determination can untangle the deadly intrigue that binds them together.

When Ehren’s sovereign and friend was killed, Ehren, First of the King’s Guard, was far away — sent on a wild goose chase by the First Level Ministry, whose number he now believes must contain at least one traitor.

When a First Level wizard orders him to stop searching for the assassins and instead to find and neutralize the dead king’s distant family, his suspicions deepen to near certainty.

And Ehren is determined to find those exiles – if only so that he may guard them with his life.

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Dun Lady’s Jess
Changespell Legacy


“Ms. Durgin knows full well the value of pacing as she exquisitely choreographs action and character development into a pleasing whole.”
–Romantic Times

“Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things.” –Kliatt

“…Crisp, vivid imagery…the details sweep you off your feet and carry you away to another world…” –Hypatia’s Hoard

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