Story Inspiration Sunday

Fall has officially come to Seattle.

Me — I love fall. It’s my favorite season. I love the change of colors, I love the crisp air. I’ve even come to love the rain.

Today we got serious rain. Normally, the Seattle rain is more of a drizzle. Today, we’ve had a serious downpour. I’ve been watching it, listening to it, being inspired by it.

Not by the pouring down of it, no, but the sound.

Seattle Rain

My writing nook is upstairs, in what used to be the attic, just under the roof. I have great acoustics there, can really hear the drops landing on the roof. It’s a gentle tide of sound white noise almost, that washes out everything else, until it’s just me and the words on the page.

Another thing I find so inspiring about fall are the colors.

Fall Colors

Every year I go out and take pictures of the pretty, pretty trees. There’s no direct correlation, I think, between those colors and leaves and being in that crisp air and being inspired. What it feels like to me, though, is filling the well.

And maybe the rain is like that too. That gentle soft pattering above me, telling me to breathe, to flow with the seasons, to wind down for the winter, only to become anew in the spring.

What’s your favorite season? Is there anything inspirational about it to you?




Story Inspiration Sunday — 4 Comments

  1. I’m from Southern California, so it’s blistering hot in summer and comfortable hot in fall and winter (enough that we had Thanksgiving potluck outside). So my favorite season is summer, or anything with heat. I like being able to sit outside and write. When I went to a con in June in one of the Carolinas, I managed to end up with a balcony room — and it was great because I sat on it and just wrote. I’m not looking forward to being cooped up again for winter when it turns cold in Washington, DC, and snows or rains.

  2. I always think my favourite is spring, except in September, then I know that my favourite is September. Regardless of the weather, really; I like rain, and sunshine, and wind, and nippy not-quite-autumn mornings.

  3. I’m a heat wimp. I love Autumn as the blessed relief from summer heat, the renewal of the green as summer dust and dry sloughs off. Looking out my office window I see a more vivid color in the trees–even under dark grey skies–as they come to life for a few days and soak up the healing moisture in preparation for the cold of winter when they withdraw the chlorophyl into themselves, dress up in bright colors for one last dance, and then sink into silence while they ponder their existence until light and warmth return in spring and they burst forth with exuberance.

  4. After ten-plus years in San Francisco, I’m still an East Coast girl. My favorite season is fall, by which I mean fall on the East Coast: clear deep blue skies, temperatures just right for a light jacket, sunshine that leaves a rime of sparkle on everything it touches, and color: reds, oranges, yellows, deep greens. I love the smells, the freshness of it.

    Though spring is pretty nifty too–all those croci pushing through (sometimes through the last desperate layer of snow) and the feeling that months of winter confinement are coming to an end. Of course, that confinement includes, like, hot chocolate and blankets and good warm food, and that’s not so bad either. And in summer you get this wonderful feeling on your skin as if the air was an aura around you, velvety and hot (it’s so lovely you can almost forget that it’s illegal to take off all your clothes in the middle of the subway because it’s just too damned hot and forget the velvety aura and all that nonsense and…). But there are popsicles in summer, which make up for a lot.

    Fall. And all the others, but first is fall.