BVC Announces Steampunk Voyages by Irene Radford

Steampunk Voyages by Irene RadfordSteampunk Voyages
Around the World in Six Gears
by Irene Radford
$3.99 $1.99 Introductory Special!
(Collection) ISBN 978-1-61138-280-8

Steampunk Voyages brings the Romance of steam, the stretch of the imagination, the big, brassy, powerful, and sweaty way of looking at the world sideways in six stories of the Victorian age of wonder. Author Irene Radford offers new and old stories that reach from a weapon of mass destruction that could change the outcome of the U.S. Civil War, the truth behind why the ballet Giselle disappeared for nearly fifty years, pirates in Indonesia questioning whether we should control technology or be controlled by it, to a glimpse of Princess Victoria coming of age as secret operatives try to protect her from madmen acting in the name of long dead Lord Byron.

Adding to the fun, Steampunk Voyages includes a sneak peek at an upcoming novel in the world of dirigibles, necromancy, a steam powered book catalog, and hints of romance.

Table of Contents:
Weapon of Mass Destruction by Irene Radford
The White Swan by Irene Radford
Shadow Dancer by Irene Radford
Dancing In Cinders by Irene Radford
Pirate Queen of French Prairie by Irene Radford
Night Dancer by Julia Verne St. John (Sneak Peek)


Steampunk Voyages at BVC Ebookstore



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