BVC Announces Spear of Heaven by Judith Tarr

tarr_spear of heaven_133x200Book View Cafe releases the first electronic edition of Judith Tarr’s Spear of Heaven.

Volume II of Avaryan Resplendent

Sequel to Arrows of the Sun

Worldgates are a great magic and a great convenience: opening the way from one world to the next, and from one side of a world to the other. Now the mages of the Gates are exploring a new continent and forging new alliances, led by the Master of the Mageguild and the heir to the throne of Sun and Lion. Suddenly, the Gates begin to fall—and the Master and the royal heir are trapped in a hidden kingdom on the far side of the world, with no way out but through the broken Gates.

Judith Tarr is the author of over three dozen novels, including the World Fantasy Award nominee, Lord of the Two Lands, and the Crawford Award-winning Hound and the Falcon trilogy. She lives near Tucson with a herd of Lipizzan horses and a tribe of cats.

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