The joy of new hats

Kims Hat Vondas Scarf and meI love hats. I have about six I wear in round robin. I have another fifteen or so that have been favorites and wore out, or are lovable but impracticable…you know. Like shoes. Only your feet don’t hurt.

Yesterday I had friends over and one of them, Kim Hirschman of Uncertainty Studios, flat-out gave me one of her hand-made felt hats. Here it is.

The hat represents a sea scallop. By rights it should be blue-eyed, but she allowed for a recessive gene. The hat is worn here with a scarf that Vonda N. McIntyre made for me out of yarn I sent her,  after the fashion of her crocheted sea-ribbon. To see more of Vonda’s amazing crocheted undersea creatures, go here.

Kim also specializes in undersea creatures. Her Facebook page is full of squid hats, snails, octopi, and other fun beasties.

(You can tell I took one of these with my phone and one with a fancier camera. The fancier camera has weirder color. Go figure.)

Sea scallop hat, woollybear scarf, and bronze down coat

Sea scallop hat, woollybear scarf, and bronze down coat

I have had many winter hats, but they were all warm and ugly and didn’t go with anything I own. This beauty will go with my bronze-brown down coat and outrageous burnt-orange faux bearskin scarf.

Plus, it is not black! I think I’ve finally come through my all-black wardrobe period.

Let there be color!



The joy of new hats — 2 Comments

  1. Wow.

    Even in a Chicago winter, they will see you coming. You are color! You are from the sea!

    I am envious. (Must have sea creatures….)