D is for Delay

Welcome back to The Author’s Alphabet.  You can read earlier posts here.  Each week, I’ll be posting another letter of the alphabet, selecting a word that starts with that letter, and sharing my view of what that word means to me, as an author.  Then, the fun begins — you get to comment, question, poke, prod, and otherwise get involved with the discussion.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.36.11 PM

D is for delay.  Alas, due to circumstances beyond my control (nothing disastrous, just time-consuming…), I won’t be able to post a complete Author’s Alphabet post today.  But check back next week, when we’ll be back on track with “E”!  (I apologize for any inconvenience!)




D is for Delay — 1 Comment

  1. Around here we call it ABW, anything but write. My oven sparkles when I get an attack.