Liveblogging Launch Pad

This may be the first time I’ve ever been grateful for America’s early dining hours. We break for dinner at five o’clock; and by five o’clock, am I ever ready for a break. I don’t always want to eat (nor would you, if you’d seen the food; I’m eating an awful lot of refectory chilli, just as the least worst option), but my brain has had enough and would quite like to stop now.

This morning we studied binary stars and exoplanets (reasons to be glad of SETI, no 47: I already knew quite a lot of the exoplanet material) – and then we did crowd science, and searched actual data for actual exoplanets, and we do rather believe that one of our number may have found one. Not me, alas: it’s another way I shall never be famous.

After lunch we played with image manipulation for an hour, then settled down to learn the life histories and classification of the stars. After which I feel about as bright as a red dwarf (or possibly a character from Red Dwarf).

This evening we’re off up a mountain, to the real observatory and the big telescope. That should be fun – but it’s going to be fun layered on a lot of tired, so I’m only hoping that doesn’t take the edge off.

Still, the getting up early and writing first is still paying dividends. 1500 words this morning, and I might yet write a little more before we leave. Or I might just go for a walk. (I was going to walk in search of wifi, but I seem to have found it, just at the end of the corridor…)



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  1. I suspect I spent my week at LaunchPad in a state of altered consciousness. Sleep deprived, caffeine-jolted, cerebral-overloaded, adjusting to altitude (and exercising every morning — got a walking buddy and ambled around the campus for an hour every morning.) I was surprised at how hungry I got and how delicious everything tasted. Blame it all on altitude!

    So glad you’re having a fine time!