Liveblogging Launch Pad

Heard while standing on the observatory roof in Wyoming:

Oh my god.

Holy fuck, there are stars!

Wow, there are a lot of craters there. Were there fewer in the Cretaceous?

Oh, wow. Like, wow!

Is this the bit you look through?

Use the neck strap. These things cost $1500.

The native Hawaiians call Scorpio’s tail the fishhook of the gods.

Oh wait, that’s a satellite.

Is it a spy satellite?

This is the double star in the handle of the Dipper. Actually the bigger of the two is another double, so there are actually three stars there. If you can distinguish the two with the naked eye, you qualify for the Roman army.

No, spy satellites go north-south

Oh wait, that’s a jet.

Oh my god, a globular cluster. Just like in NIGHTFALL.

You know, there are a LOT of stars out there.





Liveblogging Launch Pad — 4 Comments

  1. Looking at stuff through the night-vision goggles was one of the many high points of Launch Pad. Did you follow people by their footprints?

    I looked for a pair of IR goggles when I got home but, eek. “They cost $1500.”