Liveblogging Launch Pad

Tomorrow is a momentous day. It’ll be the first time since we married (and tomorrow, let me tell you, is our fifteen-month anniversary) that m’wife and I have been parted for any significant length of time; and it will also mark my slightly belated participation in that great American custom, being sent away to summer camp.

Specifically, I’m off to Launch Pad, a week-long astronomy workshop for science fiction writers, where we get to play with telescopes and everything. We’ll live in a dorm like days of yore; we’ll be late for lectures and send each other texts beneath the desks; we’ll cure our hangovers by tramping the hills of Laramie, Wyoming, then start the next one brewing; we’ll stay up too late and put the world to rights and argue about philosophy and shoes and such. And writing, and stars. I expect to talk a lot about writing. And stars.

Also, we’ll be talking about it here. Brenda Clough of this parish is also attending, and we’re planning to hotbunk a liveblog, so sit tight for daily reports. If we don’t get too distracted, too lost in the wonder of it all…



Liveblogging Launch Pad — 4 Comments

  1. I had a great time at the first Launchpad workshop and the wifi was pretty good — that was several years ago so I expect it’s even better now. Will look forward to the liveblogging.

  2. And I am here! Yay! in beautiful downtown Laramie, WY. Alas, poor Chaz — his flight was delayed 3 hours, and who knows when or how we will see him. Hold him up to the airline lights, folks.