BVC’s first audiobook: Space Magic by David D. Levine

Space Magic audiobook by David D. LevineSpace Magic audiobook

Hugo-winner David D. Levine’s short story collection, Space Magic, is now available as a professionally-produced audiobook, read by the author, in a variety of audio formats.

Space Magic features fifteen science fiction and fantasy stories including “Nucleon” (James White Award winner), “Rewind” (Writers of the Future contest winner), “The Tale of the Golden Eagle” (Hugo nominee, shortlisted for the Nebula), and “Tk’Tk’Tk” (Hugo winner). The collection as a whole won the Endeavour Award for the best SF or Fantasy book by a Pacific Northwest writer.

“Levine is a multitalented author whose fertile, wide-ranging imagination is—as his title implies—equally at home in the fields of fantasy and science fiction. The best of these stories combine the mythic power of fantasy with the sense of wonder only science fiction can provide.” —Realms of Fantasy

You can download a five-minute audio sample:

This is BVC’s first audiobook (unless you count Ursula K. Le Guin’s Music and Poetry of the Kesh, which is more of a music album) and as such it’s a bit of an experiment for us. If you have any issues downloading or listening to Space Magic, or any comments on the quality of the production, please leave a comment on this post.

Buy Space Magic as an audiobook (or ebook) at Book View Café



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