Stalking the Wild Muse: Writer Rituals & Habits – Tea

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Tea by Pati Nagle

I’ve been a tea drinker all my life, and since I gave up coffee a while back it’s my daily beverage. While many–perhaps most–writers are coffee-fueled, I and a few others fill our morning mugs with Keemun, English Breakfast, Assam, or my personal favorite, Darjeeling.

When I was writing my Far Western Civil War series, one of the characters, Marie Hawkland, informed me that I was drinking my tea improperly. She insisted that a mug was inappropriate, and from then on while writing those books I prepared a tea tray each morning, carried it to my desk, and drank my tea from a china cup like a lady.

A Sprig of Blossomed ThornI confess, I’ve gone back to the mug since then. It’s more convenient, but occasionally when the mood strikes me I break out the china. Or I might, if I’m writing about the ælven, drink from a slender, handle-less pottery mug.

Tea doesn’t just sustain me. It finds its way into many of my stories, most recently the Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries I write under the pen name Patrice Greenwood. They take place in a fictional tearoom in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and are great fun to write. I love tea, I love Santa Fe, and I’m fond of a good puzzle now and then.



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