All Creatures Real and Otherwise: Cats Eat Homework?

We’ve all heard of the student who tells the teacher, “The dog ate my homework.” But BVC member Amy Sterling Casil, who teaches writing when she’s not doing it herself, had to explain to her students that her cat ate their homework.

The cat who ate the homework

This is Oliver, the guilty party in the homework-eating caper. Of course, he doesn’t think he’s guilty. He’s a cat.

Eating the homework

Oliver, caught in the act and completely unconcerned.

the damaged homework

And here is the evidence. Oliver didn’t bother to enter a plea.




All Creatures Real and Otherwise: Cats Eat Homework? — 1 Comment

  1. I was in grad school when I started my own little ritual involving my cat and homework. For each problem set or paper that required stapling, I would taunt my cat with the upper left hand corner. She would bite it. Her bite looked remarkably like a puncture by a staple that had been subsequently removed. Then I’d staple the pages, and hand in the assignment. The feasibility of this tiny act of rebellion depends on the attitude and dentition of your cat.