Monsters Under the Bed

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As children, we all fear the invisible, mysterious, unpredictable monsters that might be lurking under our beds or in dark corners of our small worlds. We need parents to come in and vanquish them with warm milk or reassurances.

As adults, we can put names to some of those midnight terrors—fear of fire, disease, terrorists, or any other uncontrollable, unspeakable horror that we realize can strike without warning. We have no one to come in and chase those terrors away.

In urban fantasy, our protagonists learn to deal with the monsters under the bed. We give the monsters names and—eventually— our heroes vanquish them with the same magic as warm milk, maybe a little bloodier. I’ve never had any particular fear of werewolves or vampires, so those monsters don’t hold my attention. But in my Saturn’s Daughters series, my heroine lives in a chemical environment that produces human monsters—some good, some downright hellish. She not only faces the unpredictable monsters of her reality—but the possibility that she is also a monster.

In my mind, horrifying problems are ones we all must face every day, even when we look in the mirror. Like our protagonists, each day, we get to make choices to help the world around us and make it a better place—or face the demon of selfishness. In urban fantasy, those horrors take interesting turns.

The best part of urban fantasy is following  an ordinary person who must learn to cope with increasingly dangerous and complex situations. In Damn Him to Hell, the second of my series, my lawyer Justine continues learning to use her genetic abilities to save her small world and protect her friends from the monsters who threaten them. That some of those monsters drive fancy cars, live in huge houses, or believe they’re aiding science makes their actions even more unpredictable and fearsome for our heroine who knows nothing about the dangers of green gas,  pink flakes, or hell in a gas line.

What about you? What fears would you have your favorite protagonist vanquish?




Monsters Under the Bed — 4 Comments

  1. Heh-heh-heh. That would be telling. But I think you are on the right track. We have some fearsome monsters out there, and figuring out where they fall into the new myths is important.

    Looking forward to this series! I must go in search of….

  2. Kudos on a cover which – while it has bare midriff and leather – shows a capable woman being capable in a pose that normal women might actually hold. It really roused my interest enough that I’m going to look up the first book.

    • Wow, having now read the first chapter on and had a look at the cover of that book – what were they thinking to give the girl those stiletto-heeled boots? And she had a part taken out of her spine, too didn’t she? Much better second cover.

      • I got to choose the model for the third book and we finally start getting real. Male editors go with male fantasies when it comes to covers. I just hope that what’s between the covers works for you!