Story Inspiration Sunday

As part of taking care of my house, and my general environment, I sometimes think of myself as a steward. I live in an old house — it was built around 1910. I would like for it to be around for another 100 years. I have three bird feeders: One for seed, one for suet, and a hummingbird feeder. I also have two bird baths.

Until I bought this house, I didn’t realize that I loved puttering in the garden. But I do. I have a lot of flowers and beautiful plants. I just planted a bunch of different annuals in the front, where the plant o’doom used to be.

But what I’d like to talk about today are bees.

I recently put up a bee house, and populated it with mason bees.

Black mason bee

They’re native pollinators. They’re not aggressive. They don’t work together. They do have a stinger, but it’s not big and jagged. They’re only likely to sting you if they get caught in your hair or something.

I figured that bees could be quite inspirational for me, as they have been for others. Like for Alexander McQueen. All of these pictures are from the spring 2013 collection.





Bee Keeper's Daughter

I think this collection is quite stunning–something in between bees and bee-keeper couture. This one, she’s obviously the beekeeper’s daughter, out on a Saturday night, looking for trouble.







Bee keeper's daughter good

And here’s the daughter again, when she’s showing her innocent side (or is this just a facade?) Something she’d wear to another debutant’s ball.







Bee Keeper's Wife

While this is the beekeeper’s wife, maybe all dressed up for their anniversary. They’ll go out to dinner, buzz around the dance floor, then perhaps she’ll surprise him with a night in a fancy hotel room.

I came up with a whole story and history for this set of characters, and they’re all based on bees. What do you see? And remember, if this causes you to commit Story, please go ahead! Whatever you create won’t be the same as what I create.



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