Free Cornish Army Redux

FCA in TruroI had an unexpected email this week from a Free Cornish Army veteran. For those unaware of my teenage revolutionary past, you can read the full story of the FCA here. Yes, in the fun-loving 1970s, freedom of expression included the right for teenagers to seize the country next door, as long as they promised to give it back the next day, and donate all the money raised to charity. It’s a fun story covered in five posts. The other four posts can be found using this link.

One of my great regrets is that I didn’t collect all the press cuttings from the event. I was out of town when the Sunday Independent – the West Country’s biggest Sunday paper – took the General Election result off the front page and went with ‘The West’s Secret Army’ instead. And no one bought a copy for me! So I was particularly pleased this week when I*n W*lliams, the aforementioned FCA vet, sent me scans from his FCA scrapbook. He didn’t have the Sunday Independent front page but he did have these ones. See above and below.

FCA in Trur

* I’ve disguised the FCA vet’s name as he’s over in Australia now and may well be involved in the liberation of Tasmania.


Here’s another from I*n’s scrap book – an account from SUTV (Plymouth Student’s Union TV) of the day of action. Click on the pic to enlarge.


I’m still missing the Sunday Independent front page and, come to think of it, there was some television coverage too. If there are any other veterans out there with those, please get in touch. And don’t worry I’ll asterisk out your name so no one’ll know who you are.

On the subject of naming names. I recognise two of the brave volunteers from the Truro pic. Big J*hn is on the left and that’s Gr*ham C*ok with his back to camera, both were on the same course as me and both were on the FCA training day at Mount Edgcumbe.




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  1. Yes that’s me on the left – and I still have the front page from the Sunday Independent. Rag Weeks were so entertaining in those days. Shame I don’t still have the Batman outfit