Spanish Exorcist Shortage and Killer Donkeys

You’d think in a country with a 25% unemployment rate that filling a job would be easy. Apparently not. Madrid is down to its last exorcist priest and the Catholic archdiocese says it needs more to help cope with the devil.

A spokeswoman for the archdiocese said that they’re considering a plan to train more.

‘The devil exists,’ she said. ‘That’s a fact.’

A leading Catholic website blames the growing secularisation of Spanish society for the increase in people asking for help with their demons. That and the recent European Union legislation which defined the persecution of demons as a hate crime.

Manual Satana, a campaigner for demon rights said, ‘Demons are people too, and should be treated with respect. It’s disgusting that in this day and age we condone their persecution.’

On a possibly related note, reports came in this week from Hungary about a spree-killing incident involving two donkeys. The two donkeys, named locally as Muki and Szamoca, chased down a pensioner, dragged him off his motor scooter and killed him. The unprovoked attack left neighbours stunned. The victim had been feeding the donkeys earlier in the year but had stopped when they became aggressive.

The two donkeys are being held by a local vet until an exorcist can be found.

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