BVC Eats: greasy food revisited – Baked Eggs

eggsThis is the kind of thing you eat when it’s still cold out, darnit, and summer should have been here weeks ago, and coffee isn’t doing the job, and you want something solid in your stomach.

Baked eggs are very, very solid. Think in terms of one or possibly two baked eggs per person, tops. How many bowling balls can you eat? Exactly.

Per serving:

2 slices bacon
1 raw egg
2-4 T crumbled strong cheddar cheese

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

this bacon is perfect–kind of cooked, but still limp and greasy enough to manipulate

Half-cook the bacon.  Easiest way is to lay it between two paper towels, on a plate, and microwave it for a minute or three.  It should still be limp, but not too underdone.

Using two slices of bacon per cavity, line a 4-oz baking ramekin or (if you’re cooking a lot of eggs) a muffin cup with the bacon, covering the bottom and sides as well as you can.  Don’t go nuts.  It’s not an oil painting.  It’ll be greasy, too.  Good.  The cup needs to be greasy so the egg won’t stick..

Break a single raw egg into the bacon-lined cavity.

Crumble the cheddar cheese on top of the egg.

Bake in a preheated oven 10 to 15 minutes.

eggs (1)

only good strong cheddar will do

Turn each baked egg out with a spatula.  The cheese will be very cheezy.  The yellow center of the egg will be cooked.  Your arteries will clang shut, but your mouth will thank you.



BVC Eats: greasy food revisited – Baked Eggs — 3 Comments

  1. That recipe sounds so very bad on every level of my diet. But… yeah on those cold raw mornings when its too warm for the heater to kick on but too cold to do anything but huddle under the blankets this would do the trick. A nice piece of whole grain toast completes the meal.

  2. Still trying to comprehend the idea of cold mornings. In my reality, there is hot, hotter, humid hot, nosebleed dry hot, and once in a great while, cool enough for pancakes.

  3. Envying you the heat, Sherwood!

    Phyl, the Other Bad For You Egg Dish is Scotch Eggs. Wrap a boiled egg in a half-inch-thick layer of sausage, roll in crumbs, and deep fry. Oy. Like eating a bowling ball made out of lard. But sometimes…like you say…ya just gotta have it…