Story Inspiration Sunday

A while ago, I took an online class about designing covers. (Full disclosure: I’ve created all but two of my covers, and am in the process of redoing all of them.) As part of the class, we were assigned a cover to create. Everyone had the same title and author. We had to go find the right artwork.

The title of the book was, “Knight on a Roof.” The author’s name was, “Major Fantasy Author.”

The artwork I found inspired me, as things are wont to do.

Here’s the original artwork:










Here’s the cover I created:


I was having so much fun, I created two other titles in this trilogy: “Rook in the Attic” and “Queen on the Floor.” They were all part of the Chess Wars series.

I won’t ever write fantasy three books involving chess. But that artwork — that’s an inspiration waiting to happen. At some point, I’ll write a story that will fit that artwork, so I can use it as part of a story cover. So this is an “inspiration waiting to happen” picture, that someday, will inspire something in me.

As always, if these pictures inspire you, please feel free to go ahead and commit art. Write your story or novel or poem or what have you! Whatever you create will be 100% different than what I eventually get around to doing.




Story Inspiration Sunday — 1 Comment

  1. At my first “Big” SF convention, new acquaintances dragged me into the art show. I had no idea what to expect. But there, tucked off in a corner the artist GOH had created an off the cuff painting the weekend before the con. A skyscape with a crescent moon. But in wispy outline the Milky Way became a woman’s hair drifting in a celestial wind, the moon outlined her cheekbones and the stars emerged as eyes, nose, and mouth. I stared, fascinated. One of the friends said it would make a great cover for MZB’s magazine. I knew it was something more.

    It inspired my four book series of urban fantasies with Tess Noncroire. I don’t think short.