Writing in the Digital Age: You Guess — Nook, Micronook, Nooksoft, or MSNook?

picture of barnes and noble nook devices

Endangered species?

Nook and Microsoft,

sitting in a tree,

K * I * S * S * I * N * G

First comes books, then comes hardware,

Then comes software with nightmare support.

It is still just a rumor, but with some strong evidence by sleuths at TechCrunch: Microsoft is looking to pay $1 billion for the assets of Nook Media, LLC. The assets, not the hardware, mind you. A few of those assets are the 11 novels and 3 short stories I’ve put up on Nook myself.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Nook has been good to me, sales-wise. I am still trying to experiment with the collaborator tools they just unveiled in their NookPress interface they announced three weeks ago.

Though I use Microsoft software when I must (prefer Open Office), I routinely curse it for making things more difficult than I like (sometimes I don’t *want* to capitalize that letter, darn it!). Also, I still have nightmares from a stint I did in tech support for MSN Messenger. Gah. Don’t want to go there, but I will say that I learned what MS thinks of the customers who pay for its products — beta-sheep all.

Still. If a company will pay $1 billion, it likely plans for future success, right? And I’d like to see Nook remain strong and vital in the marketplace.

I just don’t want to have to be tech support for my Nook readers. Been there. Done that. Don’t want to do it again.

So, what kind of offspring do you see coming from this unholy marriage? Something awesome? Dysfunctional? Groundbreaking? Ho hum?

Kelly McClymer is the author of the Once Upon a Wedding historical romance series (two now out in audiobook); the Salem Witch teen trilogy, and three standalone novels, Blood Angel (YA fantasy), The Ex Files (chicklit), and Getting to Third Date (YA romcom). For fun, she is launching a new cozy noir genre with her upcoming Shop and Let Die. Oh, and as a new granny, she will be dipping her toe into writing for children, with Caleb Meets the World (pictures coming soon). NOTE: For a limited time, the WhisperSynced audiobook can be purchased for $1.99 through Audible when purchasing The Next Best Bride from Amazon (on sale for $2.99 in May) ebook. What a deal — audio and ebook, WhisperSynced, for $4.98!).



Writing in the Digital Age: You Guess — Nook, Micronook, Nooksoft, or MSNook? — 3 Comments

  1. I am assuming MS intends to install a Nook app on their tablets. This is probably inevitable now that Apple ipads have made tablet computers a way of life. The Nook hardware has never been that good, (I’ve never used any other so maybe they’re all weak) but I like the simplicity, and I’m in no hurry to complicate my life with a tablet. I still have to conquer this blamed i-phone!

  2. Pat — I think Android and Windows already have Nook apps, as well as Kindle.

    Cat– There’s a question in your question. If Microsoft takes over, will they try to change the rules — make it harder to take a book off sale? One of the things I like is that I can stop selling a book on any platform any time I want to. It gives me maximum flexibility. I’d feel the same on the MicroNook platform, as long as the terms remained the same.

    Oh well, it seems like change is happening faster every minute!