Story Inspiration Sunday

People always ask writers, “Where do you get your ideas?”

Honestly, for me, most of the time the answer is, “No frigging clue.”

For example, my latest novel, “The Guardian Hound.” I was toward the very end of writing “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger” and I wrote two sentences, just two, and then I had to put my pen down because the entire novel of “The Guardian Hound” sprang into my mind.

That’s generally how I get my ideas for a novel — the whole thing comes as one package: I see the beginning, some scenes in the middle, and the ending. I have no clue how to get from the start to the end, that’s why I have to write it down. But the whole thing just appears out of nowhere.

For short stories, it’s different. I frequently just find the time to write a short story, or I am invited into an anthology, and then I have to poke around for inspiration. I rarely get just a short story idea.

Hence, these posts.

I have a folder of bookmarks, as well as a folder on my desktop, labeled, “Inspiration.” Into these I put snippets of poetry, pictures, quotes — things that have inspired either a character, or a world, or setting, etc.

I have already written stories about some of these inspirations. Others, I haven’t. If something I post inspires you to commit art or story, go ahead and do so! These posts are meant to be shared, and to inspire. Whatever you do will be 100% different than what I do. I have no fear of someone “stealing” my idea. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Please go ahead and use these for your own work if you feel so inspired.

To start off with, I have a picture of a character who I haven’t yet written about.

Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Spring 2013

This picture is from Jean Paul Gaultier’s 2013 Menswear spring collection. My first thought when I saw him was that the strings hanging down weren’t actually strings: They are wires, and that coat is his computer, powered by motion. I can see him in a type of “Blade Runner” world, where nothing is as it seems.

Do you see any story behind him? Feel free to write your own story about him — I have no idea if I’ll ever get around to mine or not.





Story Inspiration Sunday — 3 Comments

    • I always have too many ideas and not enough time. Then I have a deadline, and they flit away. The inspiration folders help. Or if I’m ever stuck on something.

  1. I read authors who throw away notions as backstory, or totally bungle them, so I take in those poor little notions to give them a good home.