Writing Nowadays–A Pleasant Nightmare

One of the perks of being an author is that you get free copies of your books from the publisher.  It’s awesome!  And with the release of my Corporation duology and my Silent Empire series at Audible.com, I was really looking forward to author copies so I could see–hear–my characters brought to life by a narrator. But there’s been a hangup somewhere with the codes that would get me the complimentary downloads, and I had this long drive to Chicago coming up, and . . .

The upshot is, I broke down and bought a copy of my own book on audio.  I chose Nightmare because I wanted to read about Kendi and Ben and their nascent relationship.

I have to say I was a little nervous about it.  The narrator can build or destroy a book on audio, and what if I didn’t like this one?  It would send me cringing and whining and embarrassed to think that this thing was out there.

I needn’t have worried. The narrator for the Silent Empire series is P.J. Ochlan, and he’s awesome!  He gave Kendi an Australian accent.  The voice he gave Ben is absolutely perfect, exactly the way I imagined him in my head.  It melts my heart, to tell you the truth.  I lived with Kendi and Ben and Ara for years, and they became in a way very real to me.  Hearing their voices on an audio book made he unexpectedly ache for my Silent Empire people again, and it’s a testimony to Mr. Ochlan’s narration.

Yeah, there were parts that made me wince, writing bits that I would like to clean up, including a continuity error that I, my editor, and my copy editor missed.  But that goes with the territory when you go back over older work. I’m sure in ten years I’ll look at my steampunk books and find stuff I’d really like to fix.  At least I hope I do–it’ll show I’ve grown as a writer.

There were also plenty of parts that made me shout and cry and rewind so I could listen again.  I loved it.  Now I have to decide if I’m going to wait for my complimentary codes or go on to Dreamer.  It’s been a lovely, positive experience, and I hope lots of other people will take part.

The books Audible.com has recorded include two novels I wrote as Steven Piziks (my real name) and the four Silent Empire novels I wrote as Steven Harper.  The books are:

In the Company of Mind (by Steven Piziks)

Corporate Mentality (by Steven Piziks)

Dreamer (by Steven Harper)

Nightmare (by Steven Harper)

Trickster (by Steven Harper)

Offspring (by Steven Harper)


–Steven Harper Piziks
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