The Noro Diet by Brick Crapper, M.D.

The Noro Diet

Book View Café proudly announce that The Colorectal Times bestselling author, Brick Crapper M.D. has joined BVC. Brick is one of leading experts on alternative diets and holds SEVEN doctorates from the Internet’s leading universities. He’s appeared on countless television programs – Oprah, Ellen, Jeremy Kyle, Crimewatch – and his name has become synonymous with innovation and painstaking research.

He’s the author of the groundbreaking diet books:

The Crapper Diet: You Can Never Have Too Many Laxatives
Twenty Fun Things to Do with a Tape Worm
Leprosy: the Scientific Way to Remove Those Last 20lbs.

And BVC will be releasing TWO new Crapper books this month – THE NORO DIET and How POSSESSION Can Help You LOSE Weight. These titles will spearhead Book View Café’s new Health and Fitness line – Nutrifitness.

So here it is, Book View Café Nutrifitness presents … THE NORO DIET – the organic way to slim. No chemicals, just lots of friendly noroviruses.

The Noro Diet

Ugly fat, and quite a few carrots, removed in minutes!
As used on cruise liners.
Almost never fatal!
Sponsored by Dr Pooper.

Contains informative chapters such as ‘Now don’t wash your hands’ and ‘Five ways to get to the front of the bathroom line’.

Voted the fastest way to slim by readers of ‘Slimming for Dummies.’

Winner of the Porcelain Award for Outstandingness, the Prix de Deux Maggots, The Golden Plunger Award, and The Yippee Award for Best Diet Book Written by a Ginger-Haired Resident of South Dakota Aged Over Forty!

“The idea for this book came to me during an ocean cruise,” says Brick. “Kneeling in front of the toilet bowl, I thought, ‘Wow! What a great way to lose weight. And fast!’”

Readers agree. “I’ve never lost so much weight!” says Lard Boy from Minneapolis. “Usually I hit a wall after a month and give up, but with this diet I can’t stop. It’s also saved me a fortune on rent as I now live in the bathroom!”

Lifelong Diet Fail from Miami says, “I’m terrible at sticking to diets. I have no willpower at all. But with the Noro Diet you don’t have any choice, or time to worry about willpower.”

Former Fat Girl from Brooklyn says, “Food used to go straight to my hips. Now it goes somewhere else. Very quickly!”

Spring clean your gastrointestinal tract today with … THE NORO DIET – printed on recycled paper courtesy of Charmin.

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