Book View Cafe Fabulosity Releases Randy by Anita Mann

Hot. Erotic. Fabulous! We’re proud to launch Book View Cafe Fabulosity, books that explore a woman’s sensuality in more depth than Robert Ballard explored the Titanic. These tales are served up hotter than a Finnish sauna, with more delicious mouth feel and pleasure than a five pound bag of Dove chocolate.





Our first title is Randy, by internet erotic bestseller Anita Mann.


When Wisconsin waste management major Bianca Fuchs is on her way to her first day of work, her borrowed BMW 640i breaks down and she encounters beautiful, sensual roadside technician Randy Woodman. Innocent, trusting Bianca begins to realize that Woodman’s talents in coaxing a high-powered luxury car back to life arouse feelings in her she has never felt before.

Randy Woodman came for a lot of things in this small upper midwest town. On the surface, he seems to be just another tow truck driver. Raised in tragic circumstances, he has come to Sheboygan to reconnect with his family, the wealthy, powerful Holzerns. Bianca knows this black sheep is “all wrong” for her, but Woodman arouses her deepest, darkest desires.

Your grandmother has already read Fifty Shades of Grey several times, and there’s nothing in this book that would bother her.




Book View Cafe Fabulosity Releases Randy by Anita Mann — 4 Comments

  1. This book is absolutely fantastic. I haven’t been able to get out of bed all day!