Austerity Hits The Mafia

There have been worrying reports this week from Sicily about the hard times facing the Mafia. Even the crime families, it appears, are not immune from the ravages of Austerity that have beset Southern Europe this past year. First it was the families of imprisoned Mafioso having their pensions cut, now it’s widespread lay-offs amongst the lower echelons, and a slashing of the bribery budget.

“We need help,” said Frankie ‘The Cleaver’ Pizzo, a consigliere with the Gumbino family. “Like all businesses we need easier access to money. Safecrackers are expensive these days.”

Frankie’s is far from a lone voice. At a meeting in Palermo this week, there was a unanimous call from all the local Dons for the Italian government to scrap austerity and concentrate on growing the economy.

“Successful economies are not built on austerity or legislation,” said a spokesman, “They’re built on free enterprise and pay offs. We need to steal our way out of this recession. And send a few horse heads to Brussels and Berlin and show them we mean business.”

The Italian government’s move to cap the payment of bonuses to top earners hasn’t helped matters. “If we don’t pay our wise guys the market rate, they go overseas,” said The Cleaver. “And they take our children with them.”

A planned Million Mafioso March on Rome is gaining a lot of support. “We need to show the government how we hurt,” said The Cleaver. “And we plan to visit a bank or two and suggest they quantitatively ease several hundred million euros into the back of our van.”

Some doubt the Mafia’s ability to mobilise a million followers. The cutbacks and lay-offs have severely reduced the Mafia’s workforce. A hooded spokesmen for the Sicilian judiciary – talking though the voice of an actor (also hooded) – claimed that things had got so bad for the Mafia that customers were being offered reduced loan rates if they promised to break their own legs should they fall behind on payments.

Analysts at the Palermo Institute of Fiscal Legislation believe that the austerity package couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Mafia who’d recently lost their appeal to the European Supreme Court. Their claim of exemption from Equal Opportunities legislation was denied by the ESC who ruled that the occupation of ‘hitman’ was not a special case, forcing the crime lords to hire more female, gay, transgender, and even non-Italian contract killers.

“We’re dragging contract killing into the twenty-first century,” said hitperson of colour, Ishankya ‘Pink Stiletto’ da Silva. “And this is only the beginning. We want to bring true democracy to the Cosa Nostra and have the boss of bosses elected by telephone votes in a reality TV series.”

Plans for The Godfather’s Got Talent are said to be at a very early stage.

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