“Through Your Eyes”–A New Story Now Out at Asimov’s

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ASF_Apr-May2013webMy newest short story, “Through Your Eyes,” is now out in the April/May double issue of Asimov’s. It’s a very near future story concerned with technology and civil rights.

When I first started writing “Through Your Eyes,” I intended it to be a stand-alone short story, but as I finished it, I felt a novel coming on. The story’s protagonist wasn’t nearly done with his time on-stage, so I took the world created in “Through Your Eyes,” combined it with an idea brewing in the back of my mind that was originally expressed in my Lightspeed Magazine story “Nightside On Callisto” and came up with a near-future novel called The Red: First Light, due out in exactly one week.

[One week? OMG. Copyedits have just been processed, the text on the book cover is being finalized, the ebook has been created for the second time (I created it once already for the eARC, which probably should have gone out to a lot more readers, *sigh*). Next comes the heavy-duty task of creating the print book, along with uploading the ebook to vendor sites and sending copies to reviewers…ah, indie publishing! But who am I kidding? Indie publishing is fun.]

So consider “Through Your Eyes” to be a precursor story for The Red: First Light. At first blush they may seem to be wildly different in theme, but sometimes life take us where we least expect to go.

Find the ebook edition of Asimov’s at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Print editions should be available at bookstores.

Linda Nagata is the award-winning author of The Bohr Maker, Vast, and Memory, all available at Book View Cafe. Look for her newest science fiction novel, The Red: First Light, available March 12 at Book View Café




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  1. That issue also has “Writing in the Margins” by Joel Richards. I am really pleased to see that one in print. It was about twenty years ago when Joel first wrote it and ran it through our workshop. He was able to put twenty more years of life experience into the revision and it did the trick.