Book View Cafe Announces “The Eighth Successor” by Pati Nagle

The Eighth Successor - An Aelven Story by Pati NagleThe Eighth Successor
An Ælven story

by Pati Nagle

In the aftermath of battle, the people of Southfæld must cope with devastating losses, including their governor…and seven of his successors.

The Battle of Skyruach is over. Jharan, a captain of the Southfæld Guard, grieves for his friend Maronin as he gathers the remnants of their two companies into one. Encamped on the battlefield, the ælven army prepares to mourn the loss of Southfæld’s governor, even as two of the governor’s subordinates come seeking Jharan with news that will change his life.

A story of Jharan (father of Turisan) and Felisan (father of Eliani), this tale takes place long before their children were born and concerns events that precede those in the Blood of the Kindred series.


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