Writing Nowadays–Accidental Spoilers and the Internet

The writing blogger must issue a huge apology.

Now, I have to say up front that I’m generally spoiler insensitive.  In my humble opinion, once a TV show has aired, all bets are off. Those who haven’t watched it yet don’t have the right to complain if others discuss the show within their hearing. It isn’t fair to expect everyone to wait until TV slackers get around to emptying out their DVRs.

However, it’s definitely not fair to spoil shows that haven’t aired yet.  Big no-no.  And I accidentally did that here with the latest episode of Downton Abbey.  I do apologize.  I can only plead the Internet.

Well, it’s true.  See, my cable carrier doesn’t show Downton Abbey, so I have to watch it on-line.  This means that I’ve already watched episodes that have aired in England and I was completely unaware that they hadn’t aired in the United States yet.  A number of newspapers and magazines I read had already commented on the show’s latest (England) episodes, and I didn’t check to see if they’d already played here when I made comments.  My error.

So I offer my apologies.  I’ve pulled the entry down and will repost it once the show has aired in the US, where most of our blog readers reside.  Until then, I will with draw from the drawing room.  Cousin Violet will no doubt approve.

–Steven Harper Piziks



Writing Nowadays–Accidental Spoilers and the Internet — 4 Comments

  1. Oh dear! I saw the blog earlier but since I don’t follow soap operas, had no idea you were revealing anything that hadn’t already aired. Boy, that would have been a spoiler and a half! Shows how little I know of about how TV is aired these days.

  2. Thank you for taking down the post, Steven. Alas, I subscribe to BVC through an RSS reader, which still displayed the original post complete with spoiler. 🙁