New Story From Nancy Jane Moore in Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

Nancy Jane Moore has a story in Best Laid Plans, the fifth military science fiction anthology from the folks at Defending the Future, which was released today and is now available from Amazon and other retailers.

Edited by Mike McPhail, who specializes in military SF, the anthology includes Nancy Jane’s story, “The Ballad of Becca Sanjuro,” along with stories by such authors as Jack Campbell (aka John Hemry), Bud Sparhawk, and David Sherman.

“The Ballad of Becca Sanjuro” is a love story; it just happens to be a love story between two Marines at a time when the Earth is expanding throughout the Solar System.

Sanjuro's patchSgt. Becca Sanjuro is stationed on Europa, working in data analysis as part of a troop protecting coffee plantations there, while her husband, Sgt. Jake Horner, is doing a peacekeeping operation on Mars.

Neither the assignments, nor Jake and Becca’s own plans, go as expected.



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