WWW Wednesday (01-30-13)

BVC members have picked up this meme from shouldbereading:

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?

Of late I’ve set aside the heavier stuff. I have a bunch of books going:

Reflections on the Magic of Writing, by Diana Wynne Jones. Essays and talks given by DWJ over her career, and a couple of retrospectives about her. One can dip in anywhere, and instantly hear her voice–charming, wry, insightful, compassionate.

Andrew Wheatcroft’s The Habsburgs, Embodying Empire. While the Hapsburgs themselves are pretty familiar to me, Wheatcroft’s take is quite interesting. He also does a very good job with winnowing out personalities, without resorting to polemic. (My test is invariably Frederick III.)

R.J. Anderson’s Quicksilver. Just begun. I loved, loved, LOVED Ultraviolet, so I feel sure I will love this one.

On the iPad, The Maker’s Mask, by Ankaret Wells. This is a fun space opera in a wildly imaginative world, with all kinds of fun gender stuff going on, a sense of humor, and three badass sisters, one of whom is a geek. Loving it.

• What did you recently finish reading?

I reread Pride and Prejudice, which I do two or three times a year anyway. One of these days I need to write up a post on the silences in P&P, or the expectations of ‘delicacy.’

Katherine Addison, The Goblin Emperor, which isn’t coming out for a few months. More about it a lot more when it’s actually available. I read it over a couple days when I was sharply depressed, and really loved it.

Tom Simon’s The End of Earth and Sky, which I’ll be talking more about in a few days.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Reiche Beute, a short humor piece by Cora Buhlert, which I bought through Kindle. A great way to keep up my German practice, reading funny stuff. Recommendations always welcome!

It’s Raining Men, by Jennifer Stevenson. I thoroughly enjoyed her Brass Bed series, mixing magic with humorous, unabashedly sexy romance. This one is about demons who are dedicated slackers, who I guess fall in love.

And I will get back to my heavy reading.


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WWW Wednesday (01-30-13) — 35 Comments

  1. • What are you currently reading?

    The Warded Man, P.V. Brett. His epic fantasy debut from a couple of years ago.

    • What did you recently finish reading?

    The Silk Road in World History, Xinru Liu

    • What do you think you’ll read next?

    Right now, looking to read the next book in Brett’s sequence.

  2. • What are you currently reading?
    Fire Sanctuary by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel (ebook for home)
    Phoenix Rising by Philippa Ballantine (audiobook while on move)
    • What did you recently finish reading?
    And All the Stars Andrea K Höst
    Landreaall (Landreaall, #21) Ogaki, Chika and other mangas
    • What do you think you’ll read next?
    Read all the Nuala series (ebooks) am very exited

  3. What are you currently reading: Tough question as I am the sort of person who always has more than one book going at a time. Right now I’m juggling Evenfall (on on line book by Sonny and Ais) and The Gaurdian by Carole Cummings.

    What did you just finish: Social Skills by Sara Alva a sweet college love story.

    What are you going to read next: I have some ARCs I need to finish. I think next on the list will be Kings of Ruin or Promises Made Under Fire, but that can and probably will change.

  4. • What are you currently reading?
    The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan – second in his Ranger’s Apprentice series. And Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, which is taking me months to get through, but is fascinating!
    • What did you recently finish reading?
    Smiley’s People (John Le Carré) and Bujold’s Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, both of which I adored, for very different reasons.
    • What do you think you’ll read next?
    I want to finally get stuck into Anna Perera’s Guantanamo Boy and Paolo Bacigalupi’s Ship Breaker (I’m on a big kick to read YA with boys as the main characters at the moment, which is turning out to be surprisingly fun).

    I hadn’t realised the DWJ book was out, so thank you for the head’s up! I must hunt it down at some point.

  5. I recently finished reading “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss. Which I quite enjoyed. It’s one of those that’s been sitting on my enormous “to be read” pile for well over two years now. It was about time to get to it. And so glad I did.
    I’m still listening to Crime and Punishment on audio. I keep thinking I’ve made good progress through the book, then I look at how much more is left, and I boggle.

    I’m taking a pause in reading at the moment so I can try and finish up some short stories and get them done and out the door. If I get back into a book again, I’ll let the reading nickel and dime away from the editing and writing time, and there’s precious little of that these days. But “on deck” I’ve got “Freedom Moves West” by Charles H. Lyttle. This is about the Unitarian faith’s expansion into the West during the American westward expansion. This is a bit of research for a story I am writing set in the American West during this period, and I’m trying to figure out more about the main characters, their beliefs and why they are in such conflict with their neighbors. A lot of personal processing going on with this story.

    And after that, once I get my goals/deadlines met, I get to crack open “Yamada Monogatari: Demon Hunter” by Richard Parks. I expect to lose any chance of writing for a few days to that one.

  6. Currently just downloaded ‘Midnight at Spanish Gardens’ – Alma Alexander. Not begun yet but downloaded because of a review I read.

    What I just finished reading – a bloody awful near-free self-published fantasy effort I got as an experiment for ‘what’s out there’. Not badly written gramatically just pleasegodgetaneditor.

    As for next? I never know. That is the beauty of books.

  7. Currently reading Silver: Return to Treasure Island by Andrew Motion, and loving it: the son of Hawkins and the daughter of Silver set off on adventures. Lovely writing, and evokes the mystery and the charm of youth.

    Just finished The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry: a 100 year old woman in an asylum recalls her youth during the Irish War of Independence (not sure what term to use for this) and a psychiatrist helps her and tries to unravel his own mysteries. Lyrical writing, believable characters. I had little problem with the final plot twist, seemed too neat.

    Next (in fact, already started) is The Sunne in Splendour: A Novel of Richard III by Sharon Kay Penman. I can’t get enough of well-done novels about the Cousins’ War (not sure what to call that either) and especially this strange character, seen so differently by so many writers. This is rich in historical detail, but also in the depths of the characters. Sometimes the shift in POV is a little difficult for a novel otherwise so traditional, but it reads well. I love how long it is (900 pages) but not everyone may.

    And hope to have time for The Yellow Bird by Kevin Powers, the first Iraq War (do know what to call that, but will spare you the profanity) novel I’ve heard about. The first couple of pages are beautifully written and the reviews have been good. Maybe will read before the Richard novel, since will be due at the library sooner.

    Did NOT read A Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling. Got through about 25 pages and it was boring at best. Too many characters, and none I really cared about. I miss the magic, and I don’t mean just the kind they teach at Hogwarts.

    • I don’t think Rowling writes well enough to sustain an adult novel, but what do I know? She’s the billionaire and I am not.

      I loved The Sunne in Splendour when it first came out.

  8. • What are you currently reading?
    Urgh. Still stuck on the last part of Banner of the Damned, and progress has been slow because of work and sickness. Also, halfway through Tractate Avodah Zarah, towards the end of Tractate Shabbat, in the middle of my year long re-read of the Bible (currently in Zechariah and Exodus), and studying two different versions of the Shulchan Aruch.

    • What did you recently finish reading?
    The Greatest War Stories Never Told, Tractate Shevu’ot, The Beginning of Desire: Reflections on Genesis, and the short story Melancholy Elephants by Spider Robinson (very intriguing ideas).

    • What do you think you’ll read next?
    Well, obviously when I finish my re-read of the Bible I’ll start again. I think the next Tractate I want to read is Arakhin, as well as Eruvin. I hope to get to The Golden Lily sometime soon, and the moment I finish Banner of the Damned I want to finally do The Spy Princess and Revenant Eve. My backlog is far too big.

  9. What are you currently reading?
    I’ve got a few books on the go:

    The Hare With Amber Eyes By: Edmund de Waal. Only just started but it looks to be a fascinating story about a period of history I’m unfamiliar with.

    Antiquities and Tangibles By: Tim Pratt. Short story collection by one of my favorite short story writers. It was recently funded on Kickstarter. I don’t know that there’s an overall theme, but the stories tend towards urban fantasy and horror.

    The Thornbirds By: Colleen McCullough. An epic story in the sense that we cover several decades (early 1900’s to 1960’s) through the viewpoints of a family on a remote farm in Australia. It’s been very slow to start but I’m enjoying the worldbuilding the author is doing.

    What did you recently finish reading?

    Bushman Lives By: Daniel Pinkwater. Like most of Pinkwater’s books this one has a ‘roman a clef’ feel to it. The story centers on the experiences of a boy growing up in 1950’s Chicago. Had a lot of great meditations on why we create art underlying the main story,

    Redshirts By: John Scalzi. A very “meta” story about what happens when a crew of redshirts on a ship much like the Enterprise discover that they are part of a story themselves. Very funny, and I would definitely recommend it.

    What do you think you’ll read next?

    Guns of Avalon By: Zelazny probably.

  10. Read: The Greater Good by Sandy Mitchell
    Reading: When Children Became People by O.M. Bakke
    To read: Not sure. When I finished The Greater Good I thought I knew what I was going to read next, and I was wrong: wasn’t in the mood after all.

  11. I read the Goblin Emperor in about three days and loved it. The main character is so sympathetic.

    I’m almost finished with David Cecelski’s The Watermen’s Song about slave and free black watermen and work and resistance against slavery along the North Carolina coast before and during the Civil War. Excellent history.

    I’m beta reading an epic fantasy and have some ARCs in line. And a pile of non fiction that I want to have read yesterday.

  12. Reading:

    Gail Simone, Birds of Prey Volume 2 (sort of), [b]The Death of Oracle[/b]. Good and solidly stashed to the brim with tough women, which I would expect from her. It’s fascinating that these two volumes have more gothic tones than her other run.

    Justina Robson, [b]Selling Out[/b]. I’ve been on a holding pattern on it partly because I have a huge stack of comic books to read through and two because it was a bit slower than the first book. I’ll be getting to it again very soon.

    Jim Butcher, [b]Cold Days[/b]. Also in a holding pattern because of the comics. Soon to return to it because it’s got a good pace to it and I can’t keep my mind off it.

    William Gibson, [b]Zero History[/b]. I’ve only read a few chapters, to see how engaging it is. It very much is so I’ll be getting to it after I charge through Robson and Butcher.

    As always, on and off, I’m reading various sacred books.

    Books I just finished:

    Jason Aaron, [b]Wolverine and the Xmen[/b] Volume 2 (forgive me for forgetting the names of the artists, please, I try to remember but I read so many of them). Mainly because he’s got Rachel Grey in it. Good and fun read though not particularly memorable. He’s pretty good with the pulp action.

    Rick Remender, [b]Uncanny X-Force Volume 6[/b]. Remender is bringing out big guns for his finale and I’d expect that from him. I can’t wait to read the final volume, because this entire series has been mind-boggling the whole way through. It’s like a huge pulp treatise on preemptive killing, its morality and its consequences. It’s amazing how he’s daring to bring up these huge ideas in a comic book.

    Yagi Norihiro, [b]Claymore[b] Volume 21. To date the longest series I’ve read and likely to retain that position for many years, [b]Claymore[/b] completely pwns. He does so many things right that often bother me – flashbacks, focusing on supporting characters. We get to see Miria shine as a rebel commander in a way we haven’t seen since a few volumes ago. I have the feeling he’s going to end this series with an amazing flourish and I cannot wait to see his next series. I hope they publish it in the US.

    Soon to read:

    I’ll be finishing the Robson and Butcher. After that I’ll probably be reading Vernor Vinge’s [b]A Deepness in the Sky[/b], Alastair Reynolds’s [b]Pushing Ice[/b], Walter Jon William’s [b]Angel Station[/b] and anything else I can find involving high tech scifi and space – some Banks? [b]Surface Detail[/b]? James S.A. Corey, [b]Leviathan Wakes[b]? [b]Caliban’s War[/b]?