The Many Incarnations of P&P

By Brenda Clough

Regency Cake 1You know what shows that a work is really popular?  It’s when it generates secondary works.  Sequels, fanfics, movie versions, video games!  Although Pride & Prejudice is no Morte d’Arthur, it has gathered an incredible quantity of follow-on material. To celebrate the 200th birthday, here’s a random and very partial selection:

The most comprehensive compendium of commemorative events is naturally at Price & Prejudice 200, a British website that will meet all your celebratory needs this year.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an online modern-day adaptation done in many many YouTube videos.  Also with Twitter and Tumblr!  They seem to have got as far as Lizzie’s visit to Pemberley, so you do have some catching up to do if you jump in now.

Goucher College, near Baltimore, MD, has the most comprehensive Austen archive in America, and they’re hosting months of activities, dances, and a blog.

A new movie, Austenland,  has made its debut.  It’s not about Austen — it’s about her fans.  Yes, there is a theme park!

The Free Library in Phiadelphia, PA is hosting a one-day festival today that includes movie showings, a display of their Austen first editions, and other fun.

The Marvel Comics version of Pride & Prejudice got a Very Short Review in 2009, here.

Another comic strip version, courtesy of NPR, here.

Death Comes to Pemberley, a mediocre sequel by P.D. James.  My theory is that this is a trunk novel. I review it on Goodreads, here.

The Royal Mail is commemorating the occasion with stamps!

Naturally the Jane Austen Society of North America is making P&P a focus of their annual conference this year in Minneapolis. They are also hosting an essay contest for students.  The deadline for this is mid-May, so girls, get started.

Do you live in Australia?  Here’s an entire budget of antipodean commemorative doings.

And there’s a vast deal of nonfiction as well.  Here’s an anniversary essay from a columnist fangirl in the Economist.  And another, from the Guardian.  And yet one more analysis, full of wild and crazy, by many famous British authors.

And I know there are many, many more!  Feel free to chip in the versions of P&P that you’ve run across in the comments!

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