The End of The World Delayed … Again!

For the 108th time in two thousand years, The End of The World ™ has been delayed. This has caused much anger as it had been thought that an agreement had been reached, but talks broke down last night when several factions withdrew their support.

“It was the wrong kind of Armageddon,” said a spokesman for the fundamentalist caucus. “We wanted a more traditional Armageddon with all the trappings – plagues of locusts, the four horsemen, AND a Second Coming. But the offer on the table was only two horsemen and a small outbreak of bubonic plague. And the science mafia was insisting on some ridiculous brown dwarf star. But the real deal breaker was the planet burning up in a ball of flame. Our followers cannot, and will not, accept any form of global warming.”

A spokesman for the ‘Even More Fundamentalist’ caucus claimed the real sticking point was the failure to agree on proper segregation. “You cannot have men and women, believers and non-believers, humans and pigs, being incinerated in the same fiery furnace. It’s not natural!”

The spokesperson for the Science lobby had a lot to say too. “We bent over backwards to accommodate the other parties, but some of them don’t understand the word compromise. If you’re going to destroy a planet it has to be done according to actual science. You can’t have a horseman making it so!”

Apparently Health and Safety was also an issue. A lobbyist for the ‘Campaign for a Safe Armageddon’ said, “Too many of the suggested compromises were far too dangerous. The End of the World doesn’t have to be all about explosions and locusts. We could all be advised to safely lie down and then be slowly euthenised with nitrous oxide. We’d die laughing, and then the planet could be safely taken apart over several millennia and the rubble carefully disposed of inside a star one piece at a time.”

The RSPCA had an opinion too. ‘A pet is for life, not until the first Armageddon.’ Their representative insisted that no pets should be put down – however safely. “They should all be found new homes first. Isn’t that what the space missions were for? To find new caring owners for our pets in case of a planetary catastrophe?”

Complications were also caused by several countries attempting to manipulate the calendar. New Zealand’s call to have the international dateline moved a minute before midnight on Dec 21st and then switched back a day later so that, on New Zealand, December 21st never existed, caused a furore. Then other less geographically fortunate countries attempted a similar ploy with the 25-hour Daylight Saving Bill. “We’d bring the Bill in, then repeal it as soon as the danger past,” said the 17 year-old, Italian Minister of the Apocalypse, Bubbles Bunga-Bunga .

A spokesman for the Mayans was more sanguine. “Never mind,” he said. “It’s not the end of the world.”

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  1. That about sums it up. Didn’t someone once say that the camel is proof God does not exist because it was obviously designed by a committee? Committees with be the death of us yet.

    Let’s here it for absolute dictators. Then maybe something would get done. <-:

  2. In the meantime, the SF Lobby is impatiently waiting for the rest to just get on with it. We’ve been rehearsing this dystopian future for a hundred years.